Too busy writing prescriptions to write web content, too?

I’m Megan Nichole, PharmD, professional medical and pharmacy copywriter.

And it’s about time we met.


Hi! I’m Megan Nichole, freelance medical writer and creative copywriter for the health care industry. As a licensed public health pharmacist (Doctor of Pharmacy) and a lover of The Big Picture, I find fulfillment in health projects with potential for wide-scale impact.

With 8 years of medical writing experience, my specialties include blog postsweb articles, and website copy for pharmacy and medical practices.

Pharmacist by Training

Megan is a fellowship-trained drug information pharmacist and health communications specialist. She has practiced in pediatric and adult hospitals, pharmacy academia, the pharmaceutical industry, and federal public health agency.

Freelance Medical Writer

In 2009, Megan began her health writing career creating content for a cancer education website. Since then, her writing has been published in peer-reviewed journals and used for scientific communications from a Top 10 pharmaceutical company and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Your Friendly Public Health Pharmacist

In 2016, Megan launched the YFPHP blog as a way to inform and educate her loved ones about important health topics. YFPHP allows Megan to inject her writing with a little more personality than more formal projects she works on.


Unlike many health writers who ventured into writing after becoming health professionals,
my love for writing came first.
Because that means the writing comes first. The medical knowledge and ability to research efficiently is the proverbial icing on the cake.
My ultimate goal is to use my communications background deliver your core messages to your target audience in the most precise, engaging way possible.

9 + 13 =

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