Too busy writing & filling prescriptions to write web copy, too?

I’m Megan Nichole, PharmD. Freelance Medical Copywriter & Pharmaceutical Copywriter, all in one!

And it’s about time we met.


This is where The Magic happens. What’s The Magic, you wonder?

It’s what happens when my love affair with language converges with my health care experience to help you make the strongest connection with your customers and patients!

To learn more about how I can help you specifically, just keep scrolling!

P.S. In a bit of a hurry? It’s okay to skip the browsing step! You can book a 20-minute consultation with me by clicking that pretty blue button below!

I’d love to hear from you to figure out how we can collaborate.


I’ll bet you have a teeny-tiny problem that I know how to solve.

Are you…

…an independent pharmacy owner who wants to get more patients into your store?

…a private practice doc in desperate need of an enhanced online presence so your patients can find you?

…a pharma company representative looking for an expert pharmaceutical copywriter to help your newest drugs fly off the shelves?

none of the above, but in dire need of an energetic, creative writer to help your health business take off?

Pssh, is that all? I thought you said you had a problem?!

Since we’re well-acquainted, I can let you in on a little secret

There are other people out there who can write, too!

That’s right! I’m not your only option! Groundbreaking, I know.
But here’s why I’m your best option

when's the last time you met a pharmacist who's also an expert medical copywriter?

and when's the last time you met a skilled pharmaceutical copywriter who's also...*drumroll* a pharmacist?!

I’m your best option because I know how to use words to entertain, educate, and empower, and because I have the health knowledge and experience to supplement that.

So, let’s get down to business.


Megan is incredible, I was so fortunate to have her on this project. Her work is professional and exceptional.

Website writer for a medical technology company

Megan is a pleasure to work with. She is talented, communicative and available, personable and intelligent. I recommend her highly. Thank you Megan!

Website copyeditor for a private telenursing practice

Great work - will use again and again.

Drug and patent research for an economics company

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